Cocktail Reception

(minimum 50 people)

Prices do not include applicable taxes. Service or delivery fees may be added.

Your package includes:


 Fine cheese platter

 Pâtés and terrines platter

5.45$ / person

Personalize your reception by adding a variety of canapés served by our professional waiters

Our suggestion:

Cocktail 5 to 7 - 5 to 6 bites per person

Full meal - 12 to 14 bites per person

Classic Cold Canapés 

(minimum of 3 dozen per selection)

21.00$ a dozen

* Strawberry stuffed with cream cheese

* Sausage and mustard

* Bruschetta parmigiano

* Mango salsa and cilantro on Chorizo

* Salami and aged cheddar

* Chicken salad profiterole

* Mini skewer of bocconcini, prosciutto, tomato and basil

* Goat cheese lollipop with pecans

* Italian-style prosciutto

* Antipasto skewer

Porto liver and caramelized onions on biscotti

* Verrine of veggie and dip

Deluxe Cold Canapés 

(minimum of 3 dozen per selection)

24.00$ a dozen

* Smoked salmon, cream cheese on cucumbers

* Shrimp OR salmon mousse

* Prosciutto and melon

* Crab, dill sauce

* Foie gras, cognac and pear

* Shrimps, cocktail sauce

*Goat and caramelized pecans

* Sushi

* Salmon OR beef tartar on crouton

* Verrine of shrimps with fruit salsa and avocado

Classic Hot Canapés 

(minimum of 3 dozen per selection)

24.00$ a dozen 

* Pita, brie cheese and cranberries

* Apple raclette

* Mini satay chicken skewer

* Mini teriyaki beef skewer

* Swedish meatball

* Puff-pastry sausage

* Cheese filo dough triangle

*Spring rolls

* Souvlaki chicken

Deluxe Hot Canapés 

(minimum of 3 dozen per selection)

27.00$ a dozen

* Goat, balsamic and maple

* Three mushrooms and tarragon

* Escargots, cream sauce and white wine

* Dill salmon skewer

* Panko shrimp, avocado aioli

* AAA beef tenderloin, blue cheese sauce

* Mushroom, bacon and cheddar

* Yellow curry salmon

* Pulled pork mini-burger

Dessert Cocktails 

(minimum of 2 dozen per selection)

18.00$ a dozen

* Chocolate covered strawberries

* Fruit skewer with hint of mint

* Assorted mini brownies